Sarah Palin is willing to lie about any issue in order to be

Alaska Legislative Probe Finds Palin Misused Power

By James V, Grimaldi and Kimberly Kindy

buy canada goose jacket cheap A state legislative investigator has found that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin abused her executive power when she and her canada goose outlet husband engaged in a campaign to oust her former brother in law from the state police force, a report released today states. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee, had been accused of dismissing Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan, a career law enforcement official, after he rebuffed attempts by Palin, her husband Todd, and cabinet officials to reopen an investigation into Palin’s brother in law, state Trooper Mike Wooten. After his firing, Monegan said he believed that comments in conversations and e mails from Palin, her husband Todd and canada goose outlet mall other state officials were an attempt canada goose outlet chicago to get him to fire Wooten.

After his investigation, Steven Branchflower, a former prosecutor hired by a Republican controlled legislative committee, concluded that Monegan’s rebuff of the entreaties played a role in his firing but was not the only reason.

cheap canada goose uk Palin’s supporters argued that the report, released less than four weeks from Election Day, was a politically motivated attempt to damage the Republican presidential ticket. The report initially had been due at the end of the month, but the Democrat managing the investigation said its canada goose outlet release was moved to Oct. 10 so it would not come on the eve of the election. cheap canada goose uk

Before the report was released, the campaign of Palin’s running mate, Sen. John McCain, denounced the investigation as biased and said that the governor did nothing wrong. The campaign characterized Monegan’s firing as a “straightforward personnel decision” that has become “muddied with innuendo, rumor and partisan politics.”

Posted at 8:40 PM ET on Oct 10, 2008

Canada Goose Outlet Barely two weeks after Sarah Palin had been sworn in as Alaska’s governor, in December 2006, then Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan’s executive secretary got a confusing phone call from Palin’s office: canada goose fleece uk The first gentleman would like to schedule a meeting with her boss. Canada Goose Outlet

“I was not familiar with the term ‘first gentleman,’ or didn’t hear her correctly, so I kept asking her, ‘Who?’ ” the secretary, Cassandra Byrne, testified recently. “And she eventually said, ‘Todd Palin.’ ”

The appointment canada goose expedition black friday was fixed, and Monegan arrived in the governor’s office to find himself alone with the canada goose outlet china brawny, popular fisherman and snowmobile champion, who was sitting at a 12 foot long conference table, surrounded by stacks of documents. One of the documents had the logo and letterhead of Monegan’s own Department of Public Safety.

The subject, it turned out, was Alaska State Trooper Mike Wooten, who had been involved in a messy divorce with the governor’s sister. The Palins, Todd made clear, wanted Wooten fired for a long record of behavior they saw as inappropriate for a police officer.

Canada Goose Online “He kept using the term ‘we.’ ‘We went to go talk to, we, we.’ And so I assumed it was he and Sarah, of course,” Monegan testified. Canada Goose Online

The meeting “made me a little uncomfortable,” he said. “We’re having it in the governor’s office, and he’s not the governor.

canada goose uk outlet “I was not familiar with the term ‘first gentleman,’ or didn’t hear her correctly, so I kept asking her, ‘Who?’ ” the secretary, Cassandra Byrne, testified recently. “And she eventually said, ‘Todd Palin.’ ” canada goose uk outlet

canada goose store These idiots have made a mockery of goverment at almost the highest level. canada goose store

I have voted republican for years, not this time though. For McCain to select her

as his running mate, has vastly lowered my opinion of him. Personally if he did not choose her I most likely would have voted republican again in the general election.

It’s up to the full legislature whether they want to pursue an indictment or impeach.

canadian goose jacket Walt Monegan will probably sue her in civil court for damaging his good reputation. He was a highly decorated Police Chief of Anchorage and is regarded as an honest, canada goose trillium parka uk hard working man. canadian goose jacket

They found that Sarah Palin legally fired Monegan, but lied about the reasons, and in doing so, also violated the state ethics law by trying to get her ex brother in law fired by using the Governor’s office.

canada goose coats on sale She spoke about “God, guns, and abortion,” as well as starting a whispering campaign which insinuated that the fine, honest incumbent, John Stein, who had been her mentor was not legally married, and was of jewish descent. canada goose coats on sale

She is a cunning political opportunist, who will gladly wallow in the mud in hopes that she can slime her opponent’s reputation, demonize him, and make him seem like some form of un American traitor.

This form of McCarthyism must be called out for what it is. She is out of the mainstream of honest American politics. Sarah Palin is willing to lie about any issue in order to be elected.

For the record, Senator Obama does not approve of abortion, but does believe that the government should not make a woman’s decision for her. It is a moral question best left to the individual.

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