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I don care if you shop on the holidays, just don bullshit the people working it to make yourself feel better about the situation. You don wish they were home with their families, so don tell them you do. If every single retail store (let’s not count gas stations) was closed on Thanksgiving and I forgot something on Wednesday I’d have to live with it.

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There’s no question that they can play the notes goose outlet

The Powerful And Polarizing Maestro

There are a lot of rumors, but officials of the Sochi Olympics are being tight lipped about what’s in store for the opening ceremonies. Among the artists expected to perform are leading classical musicians, a choir made up of a thousand children from all over Russia, and renowned conductor Valery Gergiev. President Vladimir Putin named Gergiev one of the International Ambassadors of the Sochi Olympics. He is a powerful force in the world of classical music, but he is also polarizing.

Gergiev is a formidable presence: tall, broad buy canada goose jacket shouldered and he often shows up for concerts uncombed and unshaven. including the London Symphony, New York’s Metropolitan Opera and canada goose coats on sale the Rotterdam Philharmonic. The Mariinsky, as it’s now called, has been home to Russia’s greatest performing artists: Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Nureyev and Baryshnikov. In 1892, The Nutcracker received its canada goose outlet toronto factory world premiere there.

It’s been said that Gergiev runs the Mariinsky like a tsar. It’s also been said that the institution needed the ruthlessness of a tsar to survive. When Gergiev took over, the Soviet Union was beginning to collapse, along with its funding cheap canada goose of the arts.

“Gergiev discovered those funds were not Canada Goose Parka going to last,” says Allan Miller, who directed a documentary cheap Canada Goose about Gergiev. “He took the orchestra around the world to give concerts in order to make money for the theater.”

“Gergiev turns back toward trying to evoke some of the brutality that is written into the music, that was designed to be part of the experience,” Libbey says. “His guys just sail through this music. There’s no question that they can play the notes goose outlet canada but they go a little bit further.”

Gergiev is an unstoppable promoter of Russian culture, championing young artists who’ve become international stars, like soprano Anna Netrebko. He’s also revived lesser known works such as Rimsky Korsakov’s The Invisible City of Kitezh and Sadko, and Prokofiev’s Betrothal in a Monastery and The Gambler.

To further his dreams for the Mariinsky, Gergiev uses his significant political connections. He has known President Vladimir Putin for years. Miller, whose documentary about Gergiev is called You Cannot Start Without Me: Valery Gergiev, Maestro, says the friendship between the two goes back to when Putin was the first deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, where the Mariinsky is based.

“He says, ‘Of course I know Putin.

It’s an affront to human dignity for anyone, including an esteemed Russian and international music artist, to align themselves with legislation canada goose outlet sale and a regime that violates human rights.

Gergiev was a vocal supporter of canada Canada Goose Outlet goose outlet online uk Putin in the canada goose outlet uk last election and here’s where Gergiev has infuriated human rights activists. Last fall a reporter for a Dutch newspaper asked Gergiev about Russia’s anti gay legislation which bans “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.” canada goose canada goose outlet outlet canada Gergiev was quoted as saying “In Russia, we do everything we can canada goose store to protect children from pedophiles. This law is not about homosexuality, it targets pedophilia.”

Shortly thereafter gay rights activists canada goose outlet new york city protested his concerts at the Met, shouting “Tchaikovsky was gay.” There were also protests of his concerts at canada goose outlet shop the Barbican Centre in London, where gay activist Peter Tatchell says he surprised the audience.

“Dressed in the most stylish tuxedo I could find, I walked onto the stage while the orchestra was warming up and simply made a short statement criticizing Gergiev’s support of the law,” Tatchell says. “I was immediately pounced upon by security and eventually left of my own volition.”

Tatchell says he’s experienced violent discrimination in Russia first hand. In 2007 he was in Moscow to support efforts to hold Canada Goose sale a gay pride parade when he was beaten by neo Nazis and then arrested.

“It’s an affront to human dignity for anyone, including an esteemed Russian and international canada goose outlet black friday music artist, to align themselves with legislation and a regime that canada goose outlet store uk violates human rights,” Tatchell says.

Critics of Gergiev’s see a certain irony in his loyalty to Putin. Throughout his career the conductor has been canadian goose jacket devoted to the symphonies of Dmitri Shostakovich, a composer who suffered greatly under Joseph Stalin’s repressive government. New Yorker critic Alex Ross praised one of Gergiev’s recent performances of Shostakovich’s Eighth Symphony.

Valery canada goose outlet jackets Gergiev has made statements saying he is not anti gay and that he has never discriminated against anyone in his entire career. In an interview that aired on CNN this week, he went a little further, saying: “I myself question very much why the country needed something like this law. And I didn’t even read it. Honestly, I didn’t have time. I only learned about this law when things started to happen that I heard about.”.

Guess they never heard of condoms, hmmm? Oh, I forgot

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